Terms and Conditions

Natural Balance Terms and Conditions

Before commencing any classes we ask that you read the following terms and conditions.

1. I accept full responsibility for my own physical and mental safety, health and wellbeing when undertaking Pilates classes.

2. I take care to ensure my surroundings are safe and appropriate for practising Pilates.

3. I will work within my own physical limits of what is comfortable for me and withdraw from exercises that I feel may put me at physical or mental risk.

4. I take full responsibility for any damage to physical and/or mental health conditions and to any property that may arise as a result of my participation in classes.

5. I acknowledge that I have disclosed any pre-existing medical conditions, physical limitations, or mental health conditions prior to starting classes. I agree to inform my instructor of any new medical conditions, physical limitations or mental health conditions that may affect my ability to participate in classes and I agree to supply evidence of any necessary medical clearances before commencing the class.