Pilates for my individual needs

At Natural Balance I have always enjoyed the small group sessions which encompass all aspects of strength, flexibility, balance and stretching which conditions my body to ensure it ages well!  

All the instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic and inclusive and I always feel like I am in expert hands.  No matter how my body is feeling the sessions can be tailored specifically for my individual needs and that specific care has had a major impact on quicker recovery time from injuries I have had throughout the years.  

Natural Balance Pilates has been a constant in my life for 7 years and I attend twice a week, which ensures I benefit from the exercise as well as enjoy the wonderful people I’ve met there.  I continue to recommend Natural Balance to my friends and family and encourage anyone thinking about trying out pilates to give Natural Balance a call.


Kristin - Hobart, TAS

Pilates for ageing well

“The years were creeping on and my husband and I found we were losing strength and particularly balance. Our daughters talked us into going to Pilates at Natural Balance. 

The results are excellent with the individual attention we receive. Classes are small (max. 4) and we look forward to the weekly sessions, which take place in a well-equipped, bright and cheerful building. It is always spotlessly clean and the staff friendly and welcoming.

My husband is convinced that his golf has become much more consistent and controlled, solely from the improvement to core strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Thankyou to our daughters who pushed us into going to Pilates in the first place”.

Cate - Battery Point, Hobart

Pilates for a Balance Body

“I became stronger, had improved balance and symmetry, had greater confidence, was less depressed and above all developed agreater awareness of my body. I’d been suffering with chronic back pain for over 3 years and had tried so many therapies which had helped but not really improved my quality of life substantially.

I attended weekly classes for over a year and made progress in so many ways, physically and mentally. I became stronger, had improved balance and symmetry, had greater confidence, was less depressed and above all developed a greater awareness of my body. My much improved posture is testimony to the teaching and I can go bushwalking all day now! ... thanks Natural Balance ”.

Hilary - Cornwall, UK

Pilates for doing things you love

“I had a serious back injury 15 years ago and went from surfing every day and being really strong, to not being able to surf at all without having severe pain for a month. From the time of my injury I got used to having pain all day in my back and down my leg and was on a constant dose of painkillers to do everyday activities. I was told by numerous specialists that I would never do anything physical again, and that I should accept a pain management plan of medications.

I had tried Pilates for several years with a few different instructors but it wasn’t until I started Pilates at Natural Balance that I really started to get results. I stopped having pain every day with normal activities and started surfing again. I am almost back to the level I was at with my surfing before my injury and I don’t take any pain relief medications any more. 

My quality of life, confidence and body image have all improved 100%. I caught sight of myself in a mirror 6 months after starting at Natural Balance and it didn’t look like the ‘post injury' me that I had become so used to.

Jack - Biceno TAS